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Book of Abstracts
11th IFOAM Scientific Conference
11-15 August 1996, Copenhagen, Denmark
EcoWeb Denmark


Information Centres in Central and Eastern Europe. P1; 7

Borchert, J.1 ; Figeczky, G.2 ; Fortuna, W.3 & ZÝdek, T.4

1) Foundation Life and Environment, D-27798 Hude; 2)Information Centre on Ecological Agriculture/ ICEA, H-1024 Budapest; 3ICEA, PL-90423 Lodz; 4ICEA, CZ-13000 Prague

Since the end of the eighties we have a very dynamic development of ecological agriculture in Central and Eastern Europeen countries. The main problem in this countries is the lack of information in national languages. The main focus of this project is therefore to collect information, to archive national and international literature, to document it on electronical data base, to publish information magazines and to manage national and international cooperation.
ICEA BudapestThe ICEA has achieved several outstanding results by now, and it owns a unique role within the Hungarian organic agriculture. It is establishing the national database for organic agriculture. The most reputable experts are involved in this work. ICEA is directly connected to the Hungarian computer network of environmental protection: Green Spider. A home page in the Internet is managed. Local information centres are planned. ICEA is co-editing several magazines.
ICEA Lodz Since the return of democracy in Poland the need for a new orientation has been answered with two models: industrial farming and organic agriculture. The debate about the direction of agricultural policy in the long term will require systematic efforts to provide information about it. This will be the work of the ICEA in Lodz. The heart of the Lodz centre is to be an archive containing national and international literature on practically all aspects of organic agriculture.
ICEA PragueTo start the ICEA project an office room was rent in the new Ecological Centre of Prague. In this Ecocentre are also groups focused on environmental education, exhibition places, an organic food shop and other activities. We started with a republic wide computer network. It is open for all organic movement groups, the agricultural universities and technical schools and independant regional advisors. Several information data bases are in preparation.