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Book of Abstracts
11th IFOAM Scientific Conference
11-15 August 1996, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Research Notes on Ecological Agriculture. P1; 67

Lund, V.

Norwegian Centre for Ecological Agriculture, N-6690 Aure

Ecological agriculture is growing fast in the Nordic countries, much due toa big demand from consumers and to political decisions. To get a fastdevelopment of farming methods, research results need to quickly be madeknown to the public and put into practice. To accomplish this, a newsletter »Research Notes on Ecological Agriculture in Nordic Countries« («Forskningsnytt om økologisk landbruk i Norden«) is published by eleven Nordic universities and research institutions in co-operation with the Nordic Association of Agricultural Scientists.
The aim of the newsletter is to publish information regarding research and research results in ecological agriculture in the Nordic countries. It covers plant- and soil sciences, economy, animal husbandry, gardening and agricultural engineering, issues regarding agriculture in a sustainable society, as well as social and environmental aspects of ecological agriculture. It also provides reports from relevant conferences and seminars and there is a calendar on current events as well as literature reviews. Ten issues per year are published.
One further aim is to provide a network for researchers and advisory personnel in ecological agriculture in the Nordic countries.
Main target groups are advisory (extension) staff, scientists and teachers at college and university levels, but also authorities, students, companies as well as interested farmers. The newsletter is published in the Scandinavian languages, and a summary is made in Finnish. Money has just been granted to also include Estonia in the project.
The following institutions are participating in the project: Denmark: Danish Farmers' Advisory Service; Danish Institute of Animal Science; Danish Institute of Plant and Soil Science; Royal Danish University of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences; Technical University of Denmark; Finland: Finnish Agricultural Research Centre for Ecological Agriculture; University of Helsinki; Iceland: Hvanneyri Agricultural College; Norway: Norwegian Centre for Ecological Agriculture; Norwegian Universityof Agriculture; Sweden: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences