The people behind FLINT

FLINT is initiated by Niels Peter Flint, who is an architect and designer. He has been working with environmental issues, life quality and design most of his life, but on a larger scale through the past 10 years. He was the initiator of the international designer organization O2 International in 1988. He studied stage design with Josef Svoboda in Prague, worked with Memphis and Ettore Sottsas in Milan as a designer, worked as a stage designer and professional actor with a number of different companies and productions. He has worked as a designer, lectured, taught and given workshops, mainly on design and environmental issues, all over the planet. He now mostly develops sustainable design and architectural concepts for major industries and companies in Denmark and abroad. If you want to get in contact with Niels Peter Flint - then e-mail:

Nille (Pernille Hansen) is the manager of FLINT Internet Store and FLINT Exhibition Room here in Copenhagen. Nille is a trained Space Invader from MouseHouse (school of multimedia-planning and production) and has worked with design of exhibitions in museums. Nille also has worked as assistant director on a few theater projects. If you call us by phone, you will most likely get to speak to Nille or our telephone-service bureau, where Vivian will take the phone and take care of you.

Shipping is managed by Morten Andersen, who lives in Åbenrå - a small city very close to the German border of Denmark. We are promoting some of the products that Morten is selling too and. Morten has been in textiles a long time and the last couple of years only in organic cotton and linen.

BeeJay (Bjarke de Renouard) is mastering this Web-site and are responsible for the maintenance. BeeJay is educated in Business and Communication and has been working professionally with media production since graduation in 1991. The last 2 years he has dedicated his work on all kinds of projects on the Net. If you have suggestions or questions regarding the technical aspects of this Web-site, please contact BeeJay!

Technical assistance on web-maintenance and scripting is done by Marcus Wendt. Marcus is a student at the University of Copenhagen, where he is studying computer science and philosophy.

Our graphic design and overall corporate identity is done by Mette Brix and Niels Gjerding. Niels and Mette are studying graphic design at the Danish Design School. If you want to get in contact with Mette or Niels you can do so by sending an e-mail to FLINT.