About our shopping concept

Our product range is limited in this start-up proces. This is a new medium for everyone, so we have to make our experiences in a pace that is manageable. We expect a lot of problems will show up and we will do our best to catch up on all of them. If you order any of our products, you must not expect that we can deliver a perfect comfortable service all the time. We don´t do any kind of lage scale-business, but depends on a complicated system of distribution, which has to fit in on various difficult elements. Many of our suppliers are small business´s, which don´t operate in the traditional business-model. But then again - we think this is very beauty of our concept.

So be aware that most products are not in stock all the time. Some products will not be made untill you have actually purchased them. We dont want to stock a lot of products that are not sold. We won´t get the economic advantage of buying the big quantities, but on the other hand we will avoid using unnecessary resources . Only to buy on an active demand, we think, can actively decrease our consumption of resources - very banal indeed, but needed. It is also the important foundation of the individual tailored services we most of all would like to provide to you.

However if you want big quantities of any of our products you will in most cases get a discount, since handling, shipping etc. gets less expensive. But you must understand that our ability to ship your order depends on the time it will take to make the product. We are working hard to establish a smooth system that can honour our vision of a service using the combination of reasonable consumption of resources and Just In Time-delivery. This is a very difficult challenge and in many cases impossible. Therefore you must expect that our handling of your orders sometime will take a little bit more time, than you are used to from mass-product-delevery. Some of our prices are based on buying in bulk and the same goes with shipping. This sometimes makes some delivery problems. In any case we will provide you with ongoing information about your order.

Our prices reflect the fact that we don´t do large scale business. In our modern society we sometimes forget the consequences of constantly focusing on how to minimize costs in the chain between consumer and producer. But if we have learned our lesson well we will understand the need for a more social business-model, that will help accomplish the goal for a more humane society, capable of protecting both our enviroment and our cultural diversity. Off course we would like to lower our prices and we will do it if it´s possible, but our main goal in the future is to make our services as convenient as possible for all involved. We will strengthen our effort in serving the need for information about our products and the people who makes them, and create an exiting platform for exchange of new ideas on all matters concerning ecology, creative designs and the human mind.

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