Welcome to out website

Welcome to FLINT. We are happy to introduce you to this new place on the Web, where you can get in touch with ideas and products, that hopefully will get you to enjoy life a bit more - a life based on the sole principle; that we are all sharing the same obligation to make our planet more sustainable - and still have a lot of fun!

We have endless possibilities to achieve this goal. FLINT is a new and sensible way of using the Internet to distribute well-designed ecological products, non-traditional products and new exiting ideas.

FLINT is based in Denmark, in the center of the capitol Copenhagen. Our office and showroom lies in the courtyard of Pilestræde 8B, 30 meters of the worlds first and longest pedestrian street "Strøget".

FLINT was the first real store in Scandinavia to sell what we call "planet-pride-products" (others might call it politically correct or ecological products). Now we are changing our concept, so that our store will be changed into an exhibition-room - a gallery for innovative products and design that respect our need for sustainability and mental health. The exhibition room in Pilestræde will feature exiting and varying topics from "hemp" to "sweet dreams". The exhibitions will also be a big part of this Web-site. Therefore, from now on, all our products can only be ordered through this Web-site.

In this "virtual store" you will find products from all over the world. Our range of products vary from organically grown cotton, linen, hemp etc. to bicycles.

It might be politically correct products - meaning that they are produced in the most environmentally friendly way, taking the biggest social responsibility.

The reason for doing this Internet-store is partly because it makes it possible to break down traditional barriers, such as geographic distance, which make it difficult for people living remote to buy our products. But most important, the Internet itself is the perfect medium to create a dialog with our customers. This way we can deliver a lot of information about our products and also get valuable information ourselves. We can update our information and list of products very quickly and we don’t need to mail tons of resource- and cost-demanding catalogues out every time something new is on the list. Customers can communicate with us much more easily and inexpensively at any time of day or night. So to say it short - we are sure that this way of doing business will be of great value for everyone.

It is our intention to keep updating this web-site with new information and products. We hope we will be able to introduce a video-conferencing system on FLINT during the autumn. This way it will be possible to get a closer look at our exhibitions and meet the people behind FLINT. The Internet is costly challenge and therefore we will have to grow our Web-site carefully. In this respect, we have chosen not to make any kind of donation to environmental organizations etc. Most of us have other sources of income and therefore we will use most of our eventual profit to continue developing this concept and work hard to bring you new exiting sustainable scenarios - the more unorthodox the better. It is important to understand that by choosing our products, you will also support many small businesses, who is working hard to achieve an honorable goal.

We hope you will find FLINT an interesting place to visit. If you do, please help us spread the word. If you don’t, please help us by sending an email and tell us what you think could be better!

Now take a look around and see for yourself. When you leave, remember to make a bookmark and stay tuned for our new improvements