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2. Organic World Exhibition

November 14 - 15, 1998
Buenos Aires Argentina

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Rate (per sq. meter) :

Main Hall
U$S 190.- + IVA (VAT) 21%
Total: U$S 229.-

U$S 250.- + IVA (VAT) 21%
Total: U$S 302,50.-

  • Includes
  • Delimitation panels between stands
  • Head board at the front
  • One counter (1.00 x 1.00 x 0.50)
  • One stool
  • Standardised sign to identify each exhibitor
  • General lighting

The main Hall is carpeted. The foyer has a marble floor.

N.B.: Should the exhibitor need additional equipment, such as spot lights electrical outlets, furniture, additional graphics or any other item not included in the rate, the organizer will submit a quotation upon request.

During the weekend of November 14th and 15th, the 2nd Organic World Exhibition will be held in Mar del Plata. This event will bring together companies and organizations from all over the world, presenting the latest news in ecological food and fibre production.

In connection with the presence of farmers companies, traders and associations attending the 12th IFOAM Scientific Conference and General Assembly, an Exhibition will take place in the same premises to testify the growth of local and international organic trade, the wide variety of products available in the market, the latest news in packaging and labelling, etc.

Exhibitors will have stands to show their products. Visitors attending the Exhibition will be able to get in touch and exchange ideas with exhibitors from all regions of the planet.

Agro Eco Consultancy
Agro Invest Services S.A.
Agropecuaria Paso Viejo S.A.
Ambiental S.A.
Argencert S.R.L.
Argensun S.A.
Avigreen S.A.
Biolive S.A.
Daasons S.A.
Ecofarmers S.A.
Ecopampa S.A.
El Rincón Orgánico
Est. La Josefina S.A.
Expofrut S.A.
Fénix S.A.
Foundation Rachel & Pamela Schiele
Fundacao Mokiti Okada M.O.A.
Fundación Exportar
Greentree S.A.
Hamaafia S.A.
Huertos Orgánicos Patagónicos
Inst. de Fomento Agrop. e Ind.
La Alpina Agropecuaria S.R.L.
La Anunciación
Lavandas de las Sierras S.R.L.
La Ulmasud Ind. e Com. Ltda.
Macha S.A.
MAPO -Mov. Arg. para Prod. Orgánica.
Naturland E.V.
OIA -Organización Internacional Agropecuaria
Okowelt Veranstaltungs-GMBH
Olivares y Viñedos San Nicolás S.A.
Organic & Biodinamic/Org. Farm Foods
Pampa Verde
Per Naturtex Partners EIRL
Prod. Org. Certificados Teva S.A.
Sec. de Agric., Pesca y Alimen. -PROMEX
Sierra Fértil
Sol de Acuario S.A.
Specialty Export Productions INC.
Thomas Hatzenbichler & Sohn
Trans Iguazú

For registration and further general information:

Av. H. Pueyerredón 550
(1405) Buenos Aires
Tel: +54-1-903-9600, Fax: +54-1-904-0449

Please ask for a FAX or MAIL copy of the registration forms.
Unfortunately there is no email copy available for technical reasons