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12th IFOAM Conference and General Assembly

Top world personalities in agricultural and ecological production are going to assist to IFOAM's 12th Scientific Conference. Scientists, farmers, university teachers and representatives from trading and certification companies from everywhere will get together to discuss the problems and challenges of the XXIst Century.

Some of the personalities who will be present are:

*Vandana Shiva (India) *Miguel Altieri (Chile) *Hardy Vogtman (Germany) *Ulrich Hamm (Germany) *Hervé La Prairie (France) *Linda Bullard (USA) *Gunnar Rundgren (Sweden) *Carol Haest (Belgium) *Patrick Holden (Great Britain) *Ken Commins (USA) *Suzanne Vaupel (U.S.A.) *Hanspeter Schmidt (Germany) *Manon Haccius (Germany) *Ong Kung Wai (Malasia) *Urs Niggli (Switzerland) *Jorge Molina (Argentina) *John Wandanu Njoroge (Kenya) *Alexander Daniel (India) *Ana María Primavesi (Brazil) *Alexander Harkaly (Brazil)