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American organic products
Looking for:
Fried onions

I am a sourcing agent for US Organic Products. Please contact me for any and all needs in organic products and agriculture, made in the USA. I am also in need of a source for Danish Fried Onions. I need this product shipped in bulk form, and if possible, it should be organic.

Marketing Management Inc
contact: Mike O'Donnell
6 Drake Terrace
Prospect Heights, Illinois (Chicago)
United States
phone: 847-279-8766

December 2007

Looking for:
Instant milk mowder

Hi! I'm looking for Organic Instant milk powder for use with coffe machines. Please take contact if you know where to buy.

Fribo Invest AS
contact: Jan-Eirik Ratvik
Øvste Ratvika 14
6015 Ålesund
phone: +47 46815152

December 2007

Spanish meat products

We can offer you typical Spanish pork meat products (sausage, Chorizo, Serrano ham...) elaborated in the best traditionnal ways, original recipes and know-how of several generations. All our products are certified with the EU label and regularly controlled. Information in Spanish, English and German.

CME Organics
contact: Agnes Sournac
adress: C/ Tirso de Molina 36
city: 08940 Cornella de Llobregat
country: Spain
phone: 0034663874474

December 2007

Looking for:
Fruit and vegetables

I am a director of development in Russian fruit and vegetables distribution company. We want to add organic fruits and vegetables to our assortment.

Paradise LLC
contact: Sergey Bereznev
adress: Professora Popova, 47
city: Saint-Petersburg
country: Russia
phone: 7(812)3690679

December 2007

Beef, lamb and porc
We are looking for importers and wholesalers interested in beef, lamb and pork organic fresh meat. We select the best French cattles to meet your needs. From producers to slaughterhouses, all our partners are certified by Ecocert SAS. CVB Distribution is the partner you have been waiting for..

CVB Distribution
contact: Robert Faget/Céline Fueyo
adress: 23 rue Clarac
city: 65500 Vic en Bigorre
country: France

December 2007

Sicilian fresh fruit

Geima has been producing and exporting Organic Sicilian Fresh Citrus Fruit for more that 10 years. Certifications: Ecocert Italia and Eurepgap. Direct deliveries either to customer site or to logistic platforms in northern Italy and Europe. For more information please contact

contactperson: alexia abbate
via panoramica
messina 98168
phone: +393470304605

December 2007

Chineese fruits, nuts etc.
We are Organic Fruits & Veragable grower in China and
can supply you followings with NOP Organic certificate:

1) Organic Apple (Fresh / IQF / FD / AD / Juice concentrate). 
2) Organic Green Asparagus (IQF) 3) Organic Apricot (Fresh / IQF / FD / AD). 4) Organic Pear (Fresh / IQF / FD / AD). 5) Organic Walnut. 6) Organic Red Date. 7) Organic Corn (IQF). 8) Organic Carrot (Fresh / IQF / FD / AD)

IQF means Individual Quick Frozen. FD means Frozen Dried. AD means Air Dried.

Ruicheng TK Ltd
contactperson: Vera Zhang
Xikuang South Road, Ruicheng County
phone: 13145928488
Skype ID : mayfoods

November 2007

Export consultant for France
I’m working as international trader in bio sector for the french market since 10 years. I know lot’s of this market and of the biggest operators. I could sell some of your products against provision.

I also do trading with oak shaving from Limousin, from good quality, size between about 0.5 un 5mm. My customers are laboratories, for aroma or tannin extract or for wine production. If you would have some need of such products, we could deal together. I thank you for your attention. Yours faithfully

Christine Blazy
PO Sandrine DUMAS

contactperson: Dumas Sandrine
60 ave du CDT LYSIACK
17440 AYTRE
phone: (+33)

November 2007

Coconut oil and coconut flour
We are looking for importers for our organic certified Virgin Coconut Oil and gluten-free Coconut flour. We also offer Ecocert certified Coconut Oil cosmetics products. Labelling of VCO available in Denishe.

C.W. Tropicai GmbH
contactperson: Christine Grotendiek
Schlesier Str.5
86637 Wertingen
phone: (+49) 8272-992026

November 2007

Nutmeg, Clove, Ginger
We are a foreighn investment company located in Indonesia, producing the following organic certified products. Nutmeg oleoresin, Mace oleoresin, Ginger oleoresin, Clove oleoresin, Nutmeg essential oil e.o. Mace e.o. Clove e.o. Cinnamon eo
Also producing organic ground spices Nutmeg, Mace and Ginger.

Tripper Nature
contactperson: alex
batu bulan

November 2007

Radiant Coffee
RADIANT ORGANIC COFFEE is a very special organic coffee, more than organic, it is holistic, private reserve, Fair Trade coffee. The RADIANT ORGANIC COFFEE receives every day vital energy, positive energy that improves the flavour and the unforgetable taste. Also uses the Art of Hado in coffee production, positive words, positive attitudes that makes a huge difference comparing with other coffees. Write us asking for photos and more information, Have a happy life, many thanks.

contactperson: Mr. Jorge Alberto Sogaiar
Ribeirao Claro
phone: 43 3536-3594

November 2007

Looking for apples
We look for organic apples raw material class III with caliber 65+ to make dry apple chips and cubes etc from it - see homepage. Quantity is about 300-500 tons a year. we are interested in long-term partnership with our suppliers and fair trade / prices / conditions. We kindly ask you to contact us if you can supply such type of apples in good qualitiy and quantity.

W & D Biowaren GmbH
contactperson: Laila Falk
Gleichenberger Strasse 2C
St. Stefan im Rosental 8083
phone: (+43) 3116-81131

November 2007

Highland Cheese from Bolivia
We are a Bolivian small company that produces delicious cheeses, made of the milk from de high lands (4000 meters above the sea level). Our mean interest is to develop the area by making export quality cheeses made of ORGANIC MILK (we don`t produce it yet, but we plan to).

We have been contacted by the B2B program, a Dane program that develop strategic aliances between Dane and Bolivian enterprices and we are loking forward to contact some Danish.companies to visit in the near future. If you are interested, please contact us.

Flor de Leche
contactperson: Froilan Quino
Calle 8 de Abril No. 8 Sojsaña . Achocalla
La Paz
phone: 591 2 2890011

November 2007

Indian Tea - Seeking Danish parter
We are fourth generation in growing Tea. We are starting a new factory for producing Organic Silvertips (White Tea), Organic Handrolled Tea, Organic Green Tea and Organic Orthodox Teas.

We need a Danish partner for approaching IFU, Copenhagen for Investment Funds. IFU only gives funds to companies in developing nations which have a Danish partner. Organic Teas are HIGHLY PROFITABLE and ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY. This is a VERY PROFITABLE Project, and the funds required are not too much. Also since we are located in the beautiful Sub-Tropical Hills of South India, each business visit will be a wonderful holiday for our partner. Please contact us for all clarifications. kommentarer: Most Profitable Project and Environment Friendly. The Danish partner will have relaxing holidays in our beautiful hills surrounded by forests and tea.

N.Ramesh Babu
43/32 H, Lindeth, Shakthimalai Road
Kotagiri-643217, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu
phone: 00919443727417

October 2007

South Amercian organic food
We are a family business and our farms in South America are oriented to the organic markets. Among our products we have organic:

Animal food, Bulk Rice and meat.

Coffee • Wool • Herbs (25 tipes) • Cereals. • Sugar • Fresh Preserved Vegetables (,mini-corn, mini-carrot, hearts of palm, cucumber, beetroot.) • Pasta (natural,spinach, carrot) • Olive oil (0.5%), bulk olive. • Jams (Orange, Banana, Passion Fruit, Grape, Strawberry and Guava). • Rice • Bulk banana pulp. • Bulk Soybeans, Maize, Wheat, Safflower, Sunflower, Sorghum.

At our website you will be able to find more items. We export to USA, Germany and Brasil and we are looking to partner with companies to distribute our products. I hope you help me find potencial clients.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate contact me.

Diego Damasco, Business Excecutive
Avenida Italia 5646
Montevideo CP:11400
Uruguay, South America
Phone: + 598 2 606 05 23 Uruguay
Phone: + 001 305 582 4044 USA

October 2007

Personal Care Products - Togo
We are a Canadian growth oriented firm established here in Lome-Togo Republic. We are into Importation, Consulting and Distribution of Personal Care Products. Established in 1988 as an import/export company but due to rising demands for many of our customers and government parastatals for foreign companies in Togo, we resolved to establish as Consulting company in 1998. Today we are among the leading Consultants in Lome-Togo Republic

We Need suppliers/manufacurers

Silvabird Contractors Togo
contactperson: Ms Angela Jones
Rue 33 Aniko Palako
Togo Republic
phone: +228 914 9004

October 2007

Cooperation with Tunisia
We are a company of export of fruits. We need to cooperate with companies from all over the World.

phone: +21698572572 email:

October 2007

GreeNeem Neem Oil and GreeNeem Neem cake
We are leading producers and exporters of OMRI (Organic Materials Review institute)
listed products GreeNeem Neem Oil and GreeNeem Neem cake for use in organic production. Neem oil is natural botanical pesticide and pest repellant and Neem cake is organic fertilizer with nematicide property.

For more info kindly mail us at

With Warm Regards

K.Sivaram Bros.
Sundar,S, Exports Manager
108/3/A., Ramamoorthy Road
Virudhunagar 626001
Tamil Nadu
Phone : 0091-4562-280885 Fax : 0091-4562-281448 

October 2007

Food trade mission to Denmark
At the 24th to 26th of October an Andalusian food trade mission (conventional and organic) will visit Denmark.
During these three days, there will be arranged meetings between companies from Córdoba and Danish importers in order to promote business agreements between both parts. The meetings will take place at the Economic and Commercial Office in the Spanish Embassy in Copenhagen and at the offices of the Danish companies. The range of organic products and companies that will participate on the mission are the following ones:

Olipe - Organic and conventional olive oil
Olivar de la Luna
- Santa Casilda -  Organic olive oil
Aceites Iplantaoliva, S.L.
- Organic and conventional olive oil and olives
Embutidos Cordón
-  Organic lamb and organic meat frozen products
Legumbres Baena
- Organic and conventional pulses and canned vegetable products
La Abuela Carmen
- Organic and conventional canned vegetable products
Envasados Lola
- Organic and conventional sauces

For former information please contact:
Ángela Cabello

Intern Consorcio Desarrollo Córdoba CPDE
Embassy of Spain - Economic and Commercial Office Vesterbrogade 10, 3, 1620 København V
Direct phone: (+45) 33 86 21 21, Fax: (+45) 33 21 33 90

October 2007

Fruit and vegetable from Spain
We are producers of organic vegetable and fruit. Mainly dutch cucumber, tomatoes all variety, red pepper, eggplant, courgette and from fruit mango, lemon, avocado, banana. We have our own area in South Spain and in South Maroco so all products we offer are produced by ourselvs. We posees certificates: BRC, ISO, CAAE, EUREPGAP.

It was something in brief about our company. If you wish any further information I am here for you full disposal.

Greenfood Imp.- Exp. S.L.
contact person: Marie Dolezelova
C/Peñuelas, 2
El Morche 29793
phone: +34952527730

September 2007

Dried organic fruit from Pakistan
We are certified processors of dried organic fruits and processing as per the specifications of importing partners and we also process dried organic citrus fruits slices etc. we are interested to sale our annual production of dried organic fruits and citrus fruit slices with private label.please ask the interested to contact us for their annual requirments.Brokers are wanted to sell our total dried organic production EU/USA etc.

Insta Foods
CU certified processors of dried organic fruits
Contact: Liaqat Ali
54--Z street no--9 peoples colony
Gujranwala 52550
Phone: .92--320--4854343

August 2007

Beverages from Brasil
LOSDANI BRASIL is a very traditional export company from Brazil, we export beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) to distributors, supermarkets, liquor stores, etc. We export Organic Fruit Juices, Organic Wines, Organic Cachaca, Vitamin Water, Water with Flavor and other regular beverages. We would like to know which products would be interesting, so we can send more information.

contactperson: Daniel Munn
city: Sao Paulo
country: Brazil
phone: 55 11 37174333

July 2007

Fruit from Dom. Republic
We are a small Importer of products from the dom. Republic. Our produkt range are Bananas, organic, transfair, demeter. also we have limes, mango, ginger and coconut in organic and demeter quality.

Bananen & Frucht Handel
contactperson: Ralf Kolm
adress: Ameisenweg 32
city: 21256 Handeloh
country: Germany
phone: +49 4188 888 675
email: post@bananenhandel.dea

July 2007

Sortiment of products from China
First I would like to introduce us as the supplier for organic chinese Food, berry, herbs and mushroom in China. Our main products are organic edible fungi and medicinal herbs, which certified by CERES in compliance with US National Organic Standard and equivalence with Regulation (EEC) 2092/91. Our main products are as follows: Organic Fragrant Mushroom (Xiang Gu). Organic Black Fungus (Hei Mu Er)

Organic Wolfberry, Goji berry (Gou Qi) Organic Indian Dendranthema ( Ye Ju Hua) Organic Ginkgo leaf ( Yin Xing Ye) Organic Dry Date (Hong Gan Zao) Organic Chinese Gooseberry (Mi Hou Tao) Organic Chinese Ginseng (Ren Shen) Organic Manyprickle Acathopanax; Siberian Ginseng (Ci Wu Jia) Organic Fiveleaf Gynostemma; Sweet Tea Vine (Jiao Gu Lan) Organic Chinese Magnolia Vine (Wu Wei Zi) Organic Hawthorn (Shan Zha) Organic Ginger (Gan Jiang ) Organic Aduzuki Bean (Chi Xiao Dou) Organic Black Sesame (Hei Zhi Ma) Organic Honeysuckle (Jin Yin Hua) Organic Walnut (He Tao Ren) Organic Aniseed (Da Hui Xiang) Above those 18 products are all certified organic products and all is very popular in EU and same times we still supply hundreds of conventional chinese food, plants, herbs, and raw materials.

Xi'an Reputation Technology Co. Ltd
contactperson: robin sun
adress: 11506A hanguangjiayuan community gaoxin road
city: 720065
country: china
phone: 86-29-88250139

July 2007

Quinoa, rice, nuts etc. from South America

We offer a variety of Organic products from South American countries,among others:
organic marmelades from Brazil
. organic coffee from Brazil and Ecuador. Red quinua grains. Amaranth grains. Quinoa organic white and red grains. Andinean pasta (rice and quinoa flour without Gluten). Quinoa salty and sweet snacks. Quinoa puffs and flakes. Organic potatoes (future contract is required). Organic tomatoes(future contract is required). Organic onions (future contract is required). Organic flax. Organic rice. Organic brazilian nuts and cashew nuts. Organic sugar. Organic fruit pulps and concentrates. Organic wines and alcoholic beverages. We are looking for suitable distributors.

Organica del Rio de la Plata
contactperson: Arthur Klaiman
city: Montevideo
country: Uruguay

June 2007

Bat guano

I am looking for a Bat guano market. I have got about a 100 tons still in the caves. I have send some samples away for analysis I will have it in a weeks time.

My contact nr. +27832661397 and e-mail addres

June 2007

Spanish olive oil
My name is Luis Vidal and I’m the area manager for Scandinavia for Muñoz Vera, a Spanish olive oil producer from Cordoba. We are looking into expanding into the Scandinavian market and searching a company that would distribute our products.Let me state what we do and how we do it. We are olive growers but also producers, we have more than 200 hectares in three farms (Valdelomar, Zamoranos and Molino Viejo but we also select good olives from local farmers that we process in our olive mill. We even process more than 20.000 MT of olives, depending on the harvest. Our main distribution in Spain is through foodservice, where we are present in catering companies (hospitals, food chains, etc.), all the amusement parks (Warner Bros Madrid, Universal Studios Port Aventura in Salou, Terra Mitica in Benidorm, Isla Mágica in Sevilla, etc.), every skiing resort, road cafes and restaurants, etc. but also in mass distribution as Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Makro, Auchan and others. We produce three main extra virgin olive oil qualities: Very fruited (you will find in the catalogue as Molinero olive oil) Early harvest (Cosecha product range) Late harvest and price oriented OLIGOR brand. We have also ecologic olive oil. In Spain we are absolute leaders in single-serves formats, not only in volume (more than 24.000.000 single-serves a year) but also in product innovation and development, as we created the healthy Mediterranean Salad dressing kit, a couple of portions in a nice bag together with salt and pepper sachets. We also can combine in our single-serve oil and vinegar together. We currently use Sherry vinegar in our dressing kit, but for a minimum quantity we may pack balsamic vinegar. Apart from dressing kits you may also find interesting our single-serves displays, where buffet customers may pick directly a portion of oil or vinegar on their option. Main advantages of single-serves are: Easy and friendly to use (people are use to coffee cream single portions) Control cost per person/meal Hygienic Better quality (olive oil does not stand open) Ready to use (no preparation is needed). If you would be interested in our products please feel free to contact me, it will be a pleasure to give you more information.

Muñoz Vera e Hijos
contactperson: Luis Vidal
adress: Friskhetsvägen 22
city: 35263 Växjö
country: Sweden
phone: +46 708 644374

May 2007

South American products
We are a family business and our farms in South America are oriented to the organic markets. Among our products we have organic: Coffee • Wool • Herbs (25 tipes) • Fresh Preserved Vegetables (,mini-corn, mini-carrot, hearts of palm, cucumber, beetroot.) • Pasta (natural,spinach, carrot) • Olive oil (0.5%), bulk olive. • Jams (Orange, Banana, Passion Fruit, Grape, Strawberry and Guava). • Rice • Bulk banana pulp. • Bulk Soybeans, Maize, Wheat, Safflower, Sunflower, Sorghum.

At our website you will be able to find more items. We export to USA, Germany and Brasil and we are looking to partner with companies in Denmark to distribute our products. I hope you help me find potencial clients. If you have any questions please don't hesitate contact me. Thank you.

Diego Damasco/Pablo Gomez
Business Excecutive
Phone: + 598 2 6060523 Uruguay
Phone: + 001 305 582 4044 USA

May 2007

Import of cheese

contactperson: DIRECTOR
city: DELHI,110017
country: INDIA
phone: 009871592231,009313789716

April 2007

5. juni 2007
Berries and ecological planting material
I am interested in retiling organic feta cheese produced in Denmark at a busy London Food Market. I am looking to establish good connections with an organic farm(s) producing high quaility white cheese in brine - feta style. The milk used for the production doesn't need to be sheep or goat only. I will really appreciate any form of help in finding the best person or any contact details of potential partner
Kindest regards

Pearlkate Services
contactperson: Kate Belcheva
adress: 96 Lorrimore road
city: London SE17 3NA
country: United Kingdom
phone: +447833684529

April 2007

Berries and ecological planting material
Dr. Gwidon – Organic Farm is a Polish manufacturer of ecological farm products. Our core business activity focuses on the production of berries, namely organic dessert strawberries and ecological planting material. The dominating varieties of strawberries are Elsanta, Sonata, Darselect, which represent 95% of the cultivated area. We also can supplay industrial type of organic strawberies Senga-Sengana (produced by other members of our producers group) processed according to clients requirements..

We invite you to contact us

dr Gwidon Zastawa i wspólnicy Sp.j.
contactperson: Maciej Murawski
Ul. Palucka 12
60-604 Poznan Poland
Telefon: +48 691 059 052
Fax: +48 607 56 38 38
Tel+Fax: +48 61 855 19 43

April 2007

Fruit and Vegetables Supplier and packers - BRC and IFS Certified

Pizzi Osvaldo & C. is italian market leader in supplying and packing organic (and not) fruit and vegetables. Our leadership is due to our main attitude when choosing growers and direct farmer as partners; our partnership requirements are very strict and based on a permanent quality control. Pizzi technicians check personally and periodically every aspect of the supply chain, from documentation to field activities, with scheduled on-site visits and monthly in-house multiresidual lab analysis.

Please feel free to contact us and ask for our Yearly Calendar of produce availability and a weekly price list.

We can provide supplying, shipping and specially packing/labelling in any format you need (see samples at

Please let us know your need so we can arrange a detailed price list and program for you.

Pizzi Osvaldo & c srl
Contact: Paolo Benzoni
via Industrie 9/a
Dresano (Milano), Italy
(+39) 02 9818961
March 2007

Kamut, quinoa, spelt and mais
My company is the leading producer of kamut products, and also quinoa spelt and mais too. The company has been specialized into specif food in organics. We talk about milk free yeast free sugar free and glutine free... NOW WE SEARCHING A PARTNER FOR EXPORTING our production in certain european countries were these type of food are requested.... could you please inform us of any interests in our production in your companies.
best regards giovanni giaannini.

contactperson: giovanni giannini
adress: contrada costarelle
city: san giovanni rotondo
country: italy
phone: 00393381695793

March 2007

Bat guano fertilizer
We are dealing with wholesale of bat guano fertilizer and we have plenty of it in our stocks. if you are interested in, we will be pleased to get in contact with you.

contactperson: ERSOY CAVUSOGLU
adress: BATIKENT
city: ANKARA
country: TURKIYE

March 2007

Mushrooms and vegetables

city: ESTIBEAUX 40290
country: FRANCE
phone: + 33 680 32 99 40

February 2007

Italian vegetables
Natura Iblea: the high quality organic farming in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.

Bio Produce: Cerry Tomatoes, Tomatoes for salad, Tomatoes on the vine, Courgettes, Potatoes, Carots, Melon, Fennel, Agrumes, Pepper, Aubergines.

Natura Iblea srl
C.da Marabino - cp19
I97014 Ispica - Italy
- contact: Mr. Giadone Roberto
Tel. +390932955696

February 2007

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