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1st International Seminar:

Organic in the supermarket

November Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th

12th IFOAM Conference and General Assembly


For the first time the great supermarket chains of the world gather to analyse the wave of the future: The Organic Products

November Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th

During the last few years the whole world has seen an explosive growth of the organic market . One of the reasons for this growth has been the entrance of the organic products in the big supermarket chains. Massive markets present new challenges, both in the productive and commercial areas.

The goal is: Organic products for all!

  • How to reach the consumer with price and quality?
  • How to guarantee the organic origin?
  • How to supply in great volumes with regularity?
  • How to communicate the benefits of organic products to the great public?
  • How to identify the organic product in the midst of thousands of conventional merchandises?
  • How should the producer negotiate with the supermarket?
  • How to develop a fair and transparent market in the massive scale?

Some of the presentations will be:

  • Superior taste, clear identification, professional communication, waterproof guarantees and adequate price: some of the golden rules to assure success of organics in the supermarkets.
  • The problems of the small farmers to get their products in the supermarkets.
  • Ways to improve organic presence in the supermarket shelves.
  • Clear ideas to get organics out of the "niche".
  • How to communicate the added value of organics.
  • The ability to supply thousands of supermarkets around the world with a variety of products, with adequate quality and price.
  • How to promote an organic brand in massive scale in a cheap way.
  • The challenge of a generic seal to identify organic products in a massive scale.

Coordinator: Carol Haest (Haest Consultancy, Belgium)

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