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12th IFOAM Conference and General Assembly

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The 12th IFOAM Scientific Conference will gather hundreds of organic producers and scientists from around the globe. It takes place every two years, and reflects the steadily growing international interest on the ecological production of food and fibre. In the days following the Conference, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements has its biannual General Assembly, where the members vote the renewal of the World Board and other issues related to the Federation.

This year the Conference will be preceded by the II Organic World Exhibition, where farmers associations and companies from all over the planet will show the latest developments in ecological products, methods and technologies. Together with the Exhibition, an International Seminar: "Organics in the Supermarket" will discuss the challenges and opportunities that arise when ecological products enter the large scale markets and meet the general public.

The events will be hosted by the Argentine Movement for Organic Production (MAPO), with support from the Secretariat for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries & Food, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, International Trade & Worship, the Ministry of Agricultural Affairs of the Province of Buenos Aires and the Secretary of Culture of the Province of Buenos Aires, Fundación Export-Ar and PROMEX

Each day will open with Key Speakers addressing the subject of the day in a Plenary Session. The two hour Plenary Sessions will end with participant's questions and will have simultaneous translation English/ Spanish and Spanish/English included. The rest of the day will be devoted to discuss this and other subjects in more than 30 Symposiums, 60 Workshops and 150 Posters. The Symposiums, one or two hours long, will include two or more speakers to read their papers either in English or Spanish and to answer questions from the audience. The Workshops will deal about a main topic introduced by a paper and followed by one or two hours of collective work, moderated by a bilingual coordinator. Poster presentations will be accorded a special time to be visited by the attendants, during which the authors will be present to answer any question.

Registration and further general information regarding the 12th Scientific Conference & 1st International Seminar: "Organics in Supermarkets" please contact:

Av. H. Pueyerredón 550
(1405) Buenos Aires
Tel: +54-1-903-9600
Fax: +54-1-904-0449

For registration and information about tours and accommodation:

Eurotur S.R.L.
Viamonte 486, (1053) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel: +54-1-312-6070/ 77/ 78/ 79, Fax: +54-1-311-9010

Please ask for a FAX or MAIL copy of the registration forms.
Unfortunately there is no email copy available for technical reasons

Av. Santa Fe 873 - Entrepiso
1059 - Buenos Aires
Republica Argentina
Phone/ Fax: (+54) 1 314-0928. Fax (+54) 1 311-8898