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31. oktober 2001
Olivenolie fra Kreta
Our company "Inter Olive" offers you first class olive oils from Crete, Greece: The P.D.O. Organic Extra virgin olive oil from Kolymvari (Crete), acidity 0.1—0.6ª. P.D.O. extra virgin olive oils from Apokoronas (Sfakia Crete), acidity 0.1—1ª and our P.D.O. awarded by IOOC on June the 13th 2001 as International Best Extra Virgin Olive from Sitia Crete, acidity max. 0.3. We can deliver in bottles of 0.250 lt., 0.500 lt., 0.750 lt., 3 l tins and 5 l tins. If you are interested, please let us know, and we will send you all details and prices, also for organic olives, organic wines, honey etc.
Regards, Chaniotakis Niko, Inter Olive, Nieuwe Kuilenweg, 7b 3., 3600 Genk, Belgium. Tel/fax: 32 89 24 94 26, mobile 32 47 87 12 008,  (homesite under construction:

26. oktober 2001
Sukkerfri chokolader søges til USA
I am interested in no sugar, low carb chocolates to market in the United States. Contact me by e-mail
Natural Delight, att. Melitta Mathis, 3660 Biltmore Oaks Drive, Bethlehem, GA 30620 USA, phone: 770-995-0031.

23. oktober 2001
Træhuse fra Rumænien
I  represent a few companies who are manufacturing and interested in exporting wood houses. The houses are for living, holiday houses, places and toys for children. The quality of wood is very good and the prices are interesting. We are interested to cooperate with serious partners for the benefits of both parts. We are waiting for your reply. Thank you in advance.
Luminita Rizescu, Lawyer Cabinet. 15 Baicului, Bucharest, Romania. Phone: 0040-1-250.46.52 / 092.243.399, fax: 0040-1-250.46.52.

19. oktober 2001
Aloe vera og urter fra Egypten
We are planting, harvesting and processing organic Aloe Vera and herbs in Egypt and willing to export in large quantities to your esteamed company. You are invited to see the farms. We offer Aloe Vera, Anise, Artemisia, Basil, Bitter Apple / Bitter guard, Calendula, Capsicum / Hot pepper, Caraway, Celery, Chamomile, Chicory, Cilantro, Coriander, Cumin, Dill, Fennel, Fenugreek, Hibiscus or Karkade, Lemon grass, Liquorice, Marjoram, Nigella, Parsley, Peppermint, Sage or Salvia officinalis, Senna, Spearmint, Termiric or Moghat, Thyme, Verbasicum and Natural Oils, Herbal Blends (tea) and Personal Care Herbs. Hope to start good business.
G. Soliman, S. Net Company, phone: 20 2 63 31 435,,
Se også 23. april.

15. oktober 2001
Tangbaseret gødning fra Philippinerne
We supply a seaweed-based organic fertilizer which has shown excellent performance applied in tea and banana plantations. It has also been successful in pineapple, asparagus, tomatoes as a foliar fertilizer. For more details contact: Peter Jespersen, LABRADOR TRADEMASTER, INC, 2350 Taft Avenue, Malate 1004, Manila, Philippines, tel. 63 2 536 - 3222, fax 63 2 400-6848, e-mail:

11. oktober 2001
Belgisk firma efterlyser frugt, grønsager, ost...alt økologisk
We are looking for importing biological fruits, vegetables, chocolate, pasta, rice, desserts, cheese... everything biological.
Company: Richheimer SA
Contactperson: F. Rouas Richheimer
Address: Rue Terre a Briques 29A, 7503 Tournai, Belgium
Phone: 00 32 69 34 38 50, fax: 00 32 69 54 55 54,
9. oktober 2001
Økologisk kød fra Portugal
Equanto - Intercambio Comercial Industrial, SA is present on the biologic foodstuffs market since 1996 as an importer and distributor of high quality products. Equanto is implanting a butcher's unit for preparation and packaging of biologic meat, such as veal, lamb, pork, which will start to operate in the summer of 2002. This butcher's unit is at the moment in certification process by Ecocert. We have guarantee of animal production assured by that institution. We have available fresh meat in portions vacuum, hamburgers and carcasses. We also have possibility of supplying frozen meat, namely hamburgers. We expect your contact, and we are available to clarify any questions you might have.
Hoping to hear from you, we remain Yours faithfully,
Antonio Reis (Administrator),,, tel: +351 21 88 10 280, fax: +351 21 88 10 285
9. oktober 2001
Korn og vandmeloner fra Ukraine
Our Company DE "Dneprovskaya finance-investment company" is now carrying through the certification of agricultural production in different regions of Ukraine. The certification is being held by the world-known company LACON. Next season we will be able to supply organic grains and water melons. Please, inform us about your interest in organic products and possibility of cooperation with our company for the next year's season.
Best regards, Director Sergey Kocherzhenko.
9. oktober 2001
Columbiansk rørsukker til salg
Eco-Trading ltda. C.I. is a Colombian enterprise, mainly trading organic products derived from the sugar cane.
ORGANIC PANELA POWDERED has not chemical additives and the process in the field is totally ecological. It is different from the traditional brown sugar loaf process. The Panela is obtained from the cane juices dehydration, and it is considered a main meal in the Colombian family consumption and in other countries in the Andean Region due to its nutritional attributes.
CHARACTERISTICS: Taste: Characteristic sweet. Appearance: powdered. Colour: yellow brown. Production capacity: 20 tons per month. Minimal purchase: 20 tons. Harvest months: all the year. Certifications: Ecocert Searl - France Biotropico - Colombia. Quantity in FCL: 20 Tons. Minimum Order 20 Tons.
Eco-Trading ltda. C.I., att. María Ximena Castro. Cali, Colombia. Phone: (0572) 881 37 09 / (0572) 883 73 86. fax: (0572) 881 37 09,
4. oktober 2001
Konserverede tomater - flåede/stegte - fra Spanien
Meco Alternativa, S.L. Spanish organic products distribution and trading company, has for selling in Europe and Japan a big amount of:
1) Natural peeled Spanish organic tomato preserve (extra quality).
2) Home made fried Spanish organic tomato in extra olive oil preserve - both premium quality at at very competitive price. Contact with Ana Garnelo, fax: 00 34 915 61 39 32 or
4. oktober 2001
Grøn te (SKAL) fra Indien
We produce organic green tea in a 760 hecter tea estate certified by SKAL from the Netherlands. The tea is grown at a height of 3200 ft. in North India. We grade our tea in whole leaves, brokens and tea bag cut grades. We are organic since 1998. I am looking forward to selling my tea in European markets, and will be happy to send samples and prices to those interested.
Regards, Hemant Kumar
, c/o Dehra Dun Tea Co Ltd, 1004, Chiranjiv Tower, 43 Nehru Place, New Delhi, India, phone: 91-11-64 76 068,
fax: 91-11-64 29 529.
2. oktober 2001
SKAL-certificerede fødevarer, krydderier og bomuld fra Indien
MY AGRO EXPORTS is an exporter from Central Province of India, growing SKAL certified organic food products, spices & cotton for many years. We have direct associations with growers in the region and would like to have a business relationship with you, whereby we will provide our quality products with the required standard to you. Our products meet international standards. They are pure and free from added preservatives. We give special care to hygienic packing and sealing to ensure long shelf life. Our commitment to the customers ensure safeguarding their interests with timely deliveries and personalized service. All our exports are solidly backed by a sound stock facility and supply source.

Our Organic products: Soybean, Red Chilly, Fenugreek (Trigoella foemumgraeceum), Coriander (Coriandrum sativum), Aniseed (Pimpinella anisum), Wheat, Cotton seed oil, Orange, Banana, Papaya, Black Gram, Green Gram, Red Gram, Cotton Seed Cake etc.

Please feel free to contact us for further details. Looking forward to building a long term relationship with you. Thanks, Best Regards, Raghuveer Singh ( Marketing Manager MY Agro Exports (, Flat No.9, Plot No.4, Benhur CHS, Sector-19, Nerul, Navi Mumbai - 400 706 (India)
Tel: 91-98200 56528 (Mobile),
Yahoo Messenger ID:  
MSN Messenger ID:  
ICQ Messenger No.: 102784421

24. september 2001
Italien: 10.000 frosne kyllinger & 200 kg blomkål sælges
On behalf of our customers we search BUYERS for:
* FROZEN HEN: half hens frozen 10.000 units,
* CAULIFLOWER: 0,2 tons.
Write to, Biofoodtrading Staff (BFT Srl), info: tel. +39 (0) 30-26 91 796, fax +39 (0) 30-21 91 026.
24. september 2001
Danske varer søges til Canada
Please send all samples of Danish goods you wish to promote - together with prices wholesale to:
Christopher Beddows, 7123 Benwaldun Road Lantzville, British Columbia, Canada V0R 2H0.
My retail chain is open to new ideas and products.
Chris Beddows CEO, Chris Beddows Communications ~ from Concept to Reality ~ tel: (250) 390-2094, fax: (250) 390-2218,
20. september 2001
Frugt og grønsager, import/eksport/distribution - Tyskland
Import, export & distribution of organically grown fruits and vegetables. Biotropic GmbH. Contactperson: Ronald Vianen. Address: Am Churkamp 20, 47059 Duisburg, Germany. Phone: 003 13 48 46 85 26, fax: 003 13 48 46 85 96. Homepage:
17. september 2001
Økologiske fødevarer fra Argentina
Vi tilbyder en lang række økologiske fødevarer med certifikat anerkendt af EU, f.eks citrus-frugter, løg, hvidløg, hvede, solsikkefrø og sukker.
Henvendelse i Danmark: Uffe Meulengracht tlf.21 25 56 71.
I Argentina: Nelson M.Figueroa, tlf. (54) (11) 4254 2222,
fax (54)(11) 4257 6429, e-mail:
17. september 2001
SKAL-certificeret eksport fra Indien
We would like to introduce ourselves as a team of qualified professionals, engaged in exports of organics from India. We market various agricultural produce of tribal people, who are growing in the traditional organic manner, from times in memorial. International inspectors from SKAL, Holland, have inspected and subsequently issued the organic certificate to us, under the licence no. 014643.
We specialise in: Turmeric Powder, Mustard Seeds, Ginger (dehydrated), Sesame Seeds, Tamarind, Niger Seeds, Black Pepper and Tamarind Concentrate. We have various other certified organic products like Maize, Rice (hand pound), Black Gram, Red Gram, Jowar, Arhar, Groundnut, Sorghum, Castor. Apart from these we can also supply certain forest products like Amla (Emblica officinalis), Harida (Terminalia chebulaand) and Bahada (Terminalia bellirica).
We believe in the philosophy of timely and consistent supplies of quality products at the most competitive prices. We look forward to know your interests in our range of products.
Kind Regards, Saurabh Kumar Garg,
Aryan International, International Traders Of Organic Spices And Cactus Plants, D-184 Freedom Fighters Enclave, Neb Sarai, New Delhi - 110 068. India.
Mobile: + 91 98 11 30 08 84, tel. + 91-11-46 20 060 / 68 54 669,
fax: + 91-11-46 35 060,  
30. august 2001
Russisk økologiorganisation søger leverandører
Dear sirs,
RosEco (Russian Agricultural Society of Eco-Products), a certified member of IFOAM, is engaged in organic agriculture. Now we've started establishing contacts with manufacturers of certified agro-products for export to Russia. If you are interested in such a collaboration, I hope to hear from you.
With kind regards,
President of RosEco Sergey L. von Knina,  
www:  tel/fax: (095) 161-70-35
28. august 2001
New Zealandsk firma søger grape juice koncentrat, blommer, oliven, tomatpuré mm.
Hi, I am Emma Shannon, assisting Phoenix Organics to source supplies of organic food. Phoenix Organics is a New Zealand company that manufactures and wholesales IFOAM / BIOGRO certified organic food and beverages. We are currently wanting to source certified organic ingredients (eg Black Olives, Grape Juice Concentrate, Plums, Tomato Pulp ) for our food and beverage lines. Could you please forward a list of the range of products that you have available for export. Thank you for your help. Regards, Emma Shannon, Phoenix Organics Ltd., 22 Aetna Place Henderson, Auckland, New Zealand, phone: 064 9 4 76 54 34.
15. august 2001
Aloe vera, patchouli og urter fra Indien
We are looking for tie-up or alliance for buyback of organic herbs, such as Aloe Vera, Patchouli etc. from our farm in India. New Joint venture can be formed for this purpose.
Regent Ecotech Private Limited, att. Vikram Sathyanathan.
231, Dhally Road, Udamalpet, Coimbatore, INDIA,
phone: 91-4252-24375 fax: 91-4252-24376.
19. juli 2001
Sort peber, kaffe, cashew og jordnødder fra Indien
At Karthik Farms, an organic consultant and exporter company, we   grow organical black pepper, coffee, cashewnuts, and ground nuts with some other spice crops. We are certified by MOA International, Japan as organic, and export to Japan some of the products. We can sell to the Danish market at reasonable rates. Interested companies can contact Chandrappa at
Karthik Farms, 546/2, Hellapillappa Garden, Langford Road, Shantinagar, Bangalore 560027, India.
Phone: 0091-80-2121147, fax: 0890-2994624.
18. juli 2001
Soltørrede og konserverede produkter fra Tyrkiet
Our company is specialized in supplying organic food and agricultural products in Turkey. Our firm is able to offer a wide range of sun-dried products, canned and preserved products in bulk and in retail packing. If you interested in our products, please do not hesitate to contact us or our web side for further information. 
Contact: Mr. Ata Ozdemir, Etna Gida San. Ve Dis Ticaret Ltd. Sti.
Girne Bulv, Izmir, Turkey. Tel: 90 232 3695645, fax: 90 232 3692565,
18. juli 2001
Majs, hvede og solsikkeprodukter fra Argentina
We produce organic corn, wheat and sunflower. Fully certificated. We are seeking for importers.
Contact: Marcelo Frias, Cirros Sa.
Necochea 842, 6700 Lujan - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Tel: 054 2323 43 7213, fax: 054 2323 42 8252,
18. juli 2001
Frosne bagerivarer fra Tyskland
We are manufactures of a very large product range of frozen organic bakery products for the in-store bake-off system, but we have also retailer packagings and even premixes and other baking ingredients for bakers. We are new in the danish market and would like to get contacts even with distributors, catering companies and smaller retailers.
Contact: Mr. Enno Schlechter, Siegfried Schedel.
Kloster-Banz-Str. 28, 96231 Staffelstein, Germany.
Tel: 0049 - 9573 - 95 08 25, fax: 0049 - 9573 - 311 36,,
18. juli 2001
Kornprodukter og frø fra Italien
Agricola Grains is a company which commercializes and sells all biological cereals, strictly AIAB certified. Production and distribution of organic seeds, corn, soyabeans, wheat, transport of biozootechnical feed.
Contact: Samantha, Sales Department, Agricola Grains S.R.L., Via Mazzini 84, Bagnoli di Sopra, Padova, Italy.
Phone: 0039 049 9535060, fax: 0039 049 5380040, 
17. juli 2001
Landbrugsprodukter fra Kina
Leading Star Trading co. was established in 1983. We are farmers and exporter of Chinese organic native products, including pumpkin pepitas, pinenut kernels, sunflower seed kernels, peanut, beans, walnut kernels, mushroom, sesame kernels, buckwheat. We are pleased to start business with you and welcome any inquiry. If interested, please contact:
Cathy Lee, Sales Department,
Leading Star Trading Co., Foshan Office, #17,3 district Lujingyuan, Chengnan, Fenjiang South Road, Foshan City Guangdong, China
Tel: 86 757 3822502 / 3822503, Fax: 86 757 3818575
16. juli 2001
Indisk øko-kooperativ søger joint venture partnere
Hello! To Introduce ourselves, we are the largest corporate in India conducting organic farming. We produce certified organic fruits and vegetables and export to Europe. We are looking for strategic joint venture partners having skills in marketing, organic research, finance....
Please visit our website
Regards, Sreera Chellappa, sreera,
14. juni 2001
Italienske appelsiner, citroner og olivenolie sælges
We are a cooperative of producers located in South Italy (Puglia). We produce certified organic fresh oranges and lemons and extra-virgin olive oil. This year we've started processing our fruits that are transformed into marmelade. Next year (March 2002) we'll produce lemon/herbs/hotpepper flavoured extra-virgin oil. We're looking for wholesalers or distributors on foreign markets who are interested in our products. Contact us at the following e-mail address: a.girolami@isnet.i  
14. juni 2001
Investorer til rumænsk urte- og krydderiavl søges
We are a small company involved in herbs & spices (partial organic). We are interested to find partners to invest in an organic farm for herbs & spices. There are about 300 ha of land uncultivated for 4-5 years (they used to grow there hop for beer). We can offer all details at your request by email. It is a good opportunity to grow organic. This land is situated in the middle of Romania. There is cheap labour....
Person in charge: Dumitru Lazurca
S.C. MADALINA S.R.L., G.Moroianu 176, Sacele, Brasov, 2212, Romania, tel: 40 94 378 704, fax: 40 68 273 766, email:  
13. juni 2001
Stilling: Koordinator for øko-rådgivningscenter
Organic Centre Wales, established in June 2000 with funding from the National Assembly for Wales, is an exciting initiative to support the development of organic farming in Wales through the dissemination of information to producers, consumers and other interested parties.

You will be responsible for the development, co-ordination and evaluation of the Centre’s helplines and producer advisory services, in particular as part of the Organic Conversion Information Service and Farming Connect. The services are provided by the Centre’s Helpline Officers as well as ADAS, OAS and other consultants.

You will be highly motivated, able to work on your own initiative and able to enthuse all concerned to deliver quality services. You will be educated to HND or degree level, ideally with knowledge of organic farming and agricultural or environmental advisory experience. Welsh would be an advantage but is not essential. The post is full-time, initially for two years. Salary will be on the ALC Grade 1/2 scale (£16,775 - 22,213). Closing date: Monday, 25 June 2001. Further particulars and applications forms can be obtained from: Personnel Office, University of Wales, Aberystwyth SY23 2AX Tel: + 44 (0)1970 621586, Fax: +44 (0)1970 622975, E-mail: Websites: and

Informal enquiries to Dr Nic Lampkin on +44 (0)1970 622248 or

8. juni 2001
Kantareller og bær fra Estland
We would like to find companies in DANMARK to make team work together. We are direct suppliers of chanterelles, of fresh and frozen strawberries, red currant, black currant, blueberries etc. We will provide you with all the information you need.

Contact person: Rein Stoppel,
Address: Lennuki 17 A, Pärnu, Estonia
Phone: 37 25 28 69 86 - Fax: 37 25 28 69 86

8. juni 2001
Tørret og frossen frugt og grønt fra Tyrkiet
We are interested in getting in touch with Danish importers dealing in dried and frozen fruits & vegetables (organic or conventional).

Contact person: Melike Kavlak, Company: IHLAMUR GIDA LTD.
Address: Barbaros Bulvarý No.133-9 80700 Balmumcu, Istanbul
Phone: 90 212 274 59 96 - 97 - Fax: 90 212 211 60 25

Shiitake svampe fra Finland
Mykora Oy is a company interested in finding partners in Denmark for organic shiitake mushrooms. Organic shiitake mushrooms are of best quality.

For further information, please contact Mykora Oy, Minna Jussila, tel 358 2 8387 7051, fax 358 2 8387 7011

Økofødevarer (kød) søges af græsk importør
We are interested in getting information about all your organic products (meat ).You are kindly requested to supply us with any documentation available by mail, as well as your price list.

Looking forward to your reply, best regards,
Christos Stamatis, Managing Director
MAC CENZIT HELLAS food imports & trade - delicatessen
8, G. Drosini str., 143 43 Athens, Greece
e-mail:  Tel: (01) 80 400 99 - 21 100 71, fax-ISDN (01) 80 43 313 - 21 100 71

Indisk økologisk bomuldstøjsfirma søger danske importører
We are an Indian company manufacturing Organic Clothing products . Our main products are knit-wear ( Active wear and Nightwear ). We are currently in the process of obtaining "Skal" certification. We would like to get contact information on Organic Cotton Clothing Products Importers in Denmark. Please advise if you can assist us in any way.

Regards, Shanmugam Radhakrishnan, Chief Executive, Vastra Apparels, Veereshwara Mills Compound, Ammapalayam, Tirupur - Tamil Nadu India. Tel: +91 421-47 53 92/3, fax: +91 421-47 53 94, e-mail :  

25. april 2001
Fransk cognac-producent søger dansk importør
"LAFRAGETTE PURE ORGANIC" Cognac is the vision of our President, Jean-Paul Lafragette, a distiller and blender of fine cognacs who dreamed of incorporating centuries or historical tradition with today's new found for health and the environment.

The harmonious partnership between the Charentais vignerons who tend their vines under the strictest organic codes and the ancient Lafragette distillery has produced a uniquely natural flavoured cognac possessing all the elegance and savoir-faire expected from the world's finest brandy producing region.

You will find herewith our product presentation. The ageing of this cognac is made in natural oaken barrels and then bottled in 500 ml bottle silk-screen printing bottle. We also chose respect of environment with the different components of the packaging : wooden cork, leaflet in recycable paper attached at the bottle neck with natural link.

Our organic cognac, is also sold in bulk and can be combined with gastronomic preparations for chocolate makers, confectioners, pastry makers, delicatessen and ready-cooked makers, for specific products such as alcoholic beverages, steeping and extraction, aromatisation and marinades...

We really believe in the Danish market potential for our organic cognac concept and we are looking now for a partnership for distribution bulk and bottle. Remaining at your disposal and looking forward to hearing from you soon,

With our best regards.

Patrick LEGER / Françoise PENE
17, rue des Gabariers
16100 COGNAC
Phone number (+33) 5 45 36 61 36 Fax number (+33) 5 45 36 61 30 or 31
e-mails :

24. april 2001
Broccoli fra Ecuador
AGROFRIO S.A. is an Ecuadorian company, dedicated to produce, process and commercialize frozen vegetables IQF, and at the moment we are promoting our sales to the European market, specially for organic broccoli, for which we are BCS certified. I kindly invite you to visit our web site at where you will find more information about our company and products.

Kindest regards,
Andrés Salvador B. Commercial Department AGROFRIO S.A,. e-mail1:  e.mail2:

23. april 2001
Egyptisk økologisk aloe vera til salg
The Egyptian Company for Aloe Vera Extracts and Bio-Plants started plantation of Aloe Vera in 1995, as aloe takes more than three years to be well profitable in wide field near the desert of "Fayoum" West of the delta in a pure area of land free of pesticides plantation. Also by the supervision of ATUT and the international organizations of Organic plantation, our production of Aloe Vera is now able to be best of sources of aloe.

Providing a new Plant with huge machines we could extract and use the resin of Aloe without losing its potency .

Prices FOB Cairo Airport Egypt:
Items Specifications Prices Organic Natural Resin per kg With Certificate: 33.00 USD
Organic Natural Resin per kg Without Certificate: 28.00 USD

Payment: Irrevocable Letter of Credit confirmed from a First Prime Bank, Payable at sight with 100% of total value.

Quantities: Not less than 200 kg per shipment, not more than 5 tons monthly.

Packing: 25 kg barrels, or upon customers request

Contact: S.Net Import and Export and Trading Company
Web Site:
E-mail: Att. G. Soliman:

20. april 2001
Leverandør af mælkeprodukter søges
We are interested in buying ( only organics ) the following products:

1) White cheeses ( from cows, sheep, goats or mixed ) such as mozzarela, feta, telemes ( of Greek type ) hard or semi - hard. Without additives large products like herbs etc.
2) Yellow cheeses ( from cows, sheep, goats or mixed ) hard or semi - hard like Kaseri, edam, gouda etch : ( of Greek type ) without additives large products like herbs etc.
3) Milk powder from cows, sheep , goat.
4) Rennet.
5) Dairy cultivation.
Soft cheeses are excluded.

Please send us your best offers in ex works. We are a biological - products delivery company. In case we find interest in your prices could you send us any samples? Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.

Donakis P.
Koromila 13 Florina 53100
GREECE FAX: 0030 385 44087
Branche Office Thessaloniki FAX: 0030 31 778941

20. april 2001
Franske frugt- og grøntavlere søger danske importører
UNIVERT is a group of producers in France. We produce Organic Fruits and Vegetables. We would like to work with Danish Importers. 

Regards, Ariane Carrier
19. april 2001
Eksportører søges til Abu Dhabi
We would like to introduce our Company as a leading Organic distributor based in Abu Dhabi (UAE ). We are interested in establishing business relation with reputable Organic food Companies in your Country in order to maintain business locally and regionally.

We would appreciate it if you could advice of the contact person (export division) to facilitate communications in future. Hopefully that we will arrive a business co-operation arrangement. Looking forward to hearing your favorable response at your earliest convenience.

With best regards

for CLASSIFY TRADING Sudheer Kumar

18. april 2001
Indiske krydderier
We would like to introduce ourselves as a team of qualified professionals, engaged in international trading of organic spices and cactus plants from India. We have come to know, that your organisation is interested in organic spices. In that regard, we would like to mention that our products have been grown organically and certified by an international certifing agency - SKAL of Holland. We specialise in:

Turmeric Powder, Mustard Seeds, Ginger (dehydrated), Seasame Seeds, Tamarind, Niger Seeds Black Pepper other spices and forest products.

Our organisation believes in the philosophy of - timely and consistent supplies of quality products at the most competitive prices. We look forward, to know your interests in our range of products.

Regards, Saurabh Kumar Garg.

Aryan International, International Traders Of Organic Spices And Cactus Plants
D-184 Freedom Fighters Enclave, Neb Sarai
New Delhi - 110 068.
Tel - (+ 91) 11 - 4620060 / 6854669
Fax - + 91 - 11 - 4635060
Mobile (+ 91) - 9861026699

17. april 2001
Leverandører af levende grise til Italien
We are an Italian company mediating between suppliers and buyers in the organic sector in and outside of Europe. At the moment we have an Italian client interested in buying live organic pigs from Denmark.

Note: We are only looking for organic animals raised according to the EC regulation!!

Dr. Aggy Burczyk

Via Palladio, 24
20135 Milano, Italy
Tel.: (+39)
Fax: (+39) 02.700.40.13.15

Marts 2001
Importør af chokolade søges
As a producer of Traditional Premium Belgian Chocolates we developped a range of Organic Belgian Chokolates

-Caraques : Different flowers in chocolate ; Available in Milk and Dark : in small bags 150g
-Student Hay : Chocolates with nuts and raisins : Available in Milk and Dark ; in small bags 150g
-Choco Nuts : Small chocolates topped with a hazelnut : Available in Milk : in small bags 150g
-Easter Eggs : - 8 gr solid : Milk or Dark : in small bags 150g -10gr filled with praliné : Milk or Dark : in small bags 150g
-Chocolate Bars 20 gr : Milk and Dark : 50 per Display
-Chocolate Bars 45 gr: Milk and Dark : 18 per display
-Chocolates with Nuts : Gift-Box de Luxe : 250g (21 chocolates)
-Sea-Shells : an assortment of sea figures : Available in Milk : in small bags 150g

Our chocolates are sold in health food stores in Belgium and are becoming very popular. The whole production is controlled by ECOCERT and all our products have the Bio-garantie label  Our main goal is to produce TOP QUALITY organic products. We are looking for importers. When interested contact us for more details on: Or fax us on 00 32 56 77.65.31
We also produce Bars and chocolates products without added sugar and low in fat content : If you are interested please tell us.
Kind Regards, Willy Desmet, Managing Director

15. Marts 2001
Canadisk handelshus søger partnere
We world like to develop a business relationship with you. Bianca International Organic is a family-run international trading house located in Montreal- Canada, specializing in certified and natural organic product. We have been actively for many years to establish an international database of organic players internationally (Over 500 contacts). The mission of our trading house is to raise awareness about organic and the need for change among consumer, fellow traders, farmers and processors in our former and current network.

We provide the following services wideworld:
* Consulting to manufactures in marketing strategies
* Sourcing product market
* Assisting for contract farm et distributor
* Purchasing raw material from farmers
* Marketing research
* Consulting for new product development
* Administrative services
* Developing a partnership
* Transfer the technology
* Full services consulting for farmers and distributor and manufacturers entering organic place.
We welcome the challenge of sourcing organic items to meet your special needs, our fees are workable for your expansion. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. Looking forward to hear from you and hopefully growing together.
Best regards, Chakib Azizi, Marketing International
Bianca International Organic, 7174, Marquette Suite 1
Montréal - Quebec H2E 2C8 - Canada
Tel: (514) 376-7711 / 895-3446, Fax: (514) 729-2100

9. Marts 2001
GMO-fri og økologiske soyaolier tilbydes
I currently have 2 million pounds of GMO free crude soybean oil in inventory in the U.S. ready to ship (by rail or barge) and ongoing production of 1 million pounds per month available in crude and or in near future refined. Other oils available such as Organic, conventional expelled.
If you have interest in these products and or would like to be kept informed regarding product availability and current prices, please respond to this email with your particular interest.
M. Dale Doucet Marion Dale Inc. 311 Lepinay St. Lafayette, LA 70508, USA, phone: (337) 856-0405, fax: (337) 856-9389,
9. Marts 2001
Producent af ukrudtsbrænder søges
I will appreciate if you help me to contact a flamer manucfacturer for weed control. Thank you.
Jose Cisneros Michigan State University Department of Horticulture 432 Plant and Soil Science Building East Lansing, MI 48824, e-mail:
8. Marts 2001
Købere af tunesisk olivenolie søges
Dear Sirs, We would like to introduce ourself as a Tunisian Company specialising in export of bulk extra virgin olive oil and has many years of experience in this field. As exporter; we are presently looking for a new sales outlets; in order to expand our activities abroad. Please feel free to contact us.
Best Regards Mondher Lichiheb, tel: 002164252262,
fax: 002164252264, mobile: 002169411991,
28. februar 2001
Tomater sælges året rundt
I represent Sherry Tal company, the firm were established in 1979, we expertise in growing sherry tomatoes, salad tomato, cucumbers and capsicum. We grow organic and conventional vegetables. The firm expertise in growing high quality vegetables in a mediterranean climate area. We can supplies our products all year around. Our marketing is direct. I would like to interest + be in touch with your companies. Notice that now days we supplies most of our products to companies in England such as tesco, geest, morison. For further information you can view our site at, and of course do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question.
Sincerely, Dror Hanan - Marketing Manager
Fax: 972-3-6965642
24. februar 2001
Canadisk honning tilbydes
We are producers of organic honey in Canada. We produce approx. 600,000 lbs. of certified organic honey each year. We are looking for honey packers, traders etc. which may be interested in our product. We usually ship in containers, 70 drums (43,400 lbs. net per container). P.S. The grade of honey varies from white to water white
Sincerely, Michel Wolfe, Wolfe Enterprises
7. februar 2001
Lecithin til chokoladeproduktion søges
We are looking for a producer of Organic Lecithin to be used by one of our producers of Organic Chocolate in Japan.

Best regards

Anna Stabi Sumitomo Corporation Europe Plc. Stockholm Branch Tel: +46 8 24 27 15 Fax: +46 8 20 20 82

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