International Organic Contacts  


Michigan calling Denmark

contactperson: Michael Michaud
adress: 128 south union street
city: plymouth, michigan 48170
country: USA
phone: +1.734.667.5410

We are involved in promoting small family owned organic farms in Michigan. Michigan has a long and proud tradition of producing high quality organic products. Recently, a colleague living in Denmark told me Denmark shares the same passion for organically grown products and willingness to support traditional methods of agriculture. I would be thrilled to talk to anyone who is interested in collaboration between our communities. michael michaud

July 2012


Sicilian products

Consorzio Isola Bio Sicilia
contactperson: Dr. Maurizio Salamone
adress: Via Regina Elena, 3
city: 92020 Racalmuto (AG)
country: Italy
phone: 00390922948966

xOur Consortium ISOLA BIO SICILIA, for years at the forefront of the diffusion of organic farming in Sicily, is proposing a major project funded by the Region of Sicily appointed RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME 2007-2013, Ref. Mis. 133 for the promotion of organic farming Sicilian abroad. Our attention is directed to your beautiful country always forefront in the consumption of organic products. We are looking for a partner to promote products Organic Sicilian and organize a workshop and actions "in store promotion" in place. The project lasts one month. We are looking for small shops to distribute organic products Sicilian. The operation is financed by the Region of Sicily and the Danish participants do not have to spend shopping but it must provide space for products. If you are interested call us at +390922948966. Thank you.

June 2012


Greek vegetables

contactperson: CALIVAS MANOS
adress: PAPA LAKI 13
country: GREECE
phone: +306972289083

I would like to study the possibility to supply your chain with fresh organic vegetables (cherry tomatoes, mini cucumber, and paprika�s) from September until June. I run a small greenhouse of 1.5Ha located at South East of Crete in Ierapetra and I produce according to European standards for organic farming. My production company is certified though BioHellas certification organism in Greece. In case you see any interest in this potential cooperation please do not hesitate to contact me.

With kind regards

Ir. Manos Calivas
Agronomist � Organic Farming Grower
1st klm Ierapetra - Gra Lygia
EL 72 200 Ierapetra
Crete Greece
Tel +30 28420 22035
Mobile +30 6972289083
Mail: s

June 2012


Spanish Food

Massima Class
contactperson: Salvador Franco
adress: Pintor Velazquez, 33
city: 28100 Alcobendas (Madrid)
country: Spain
phone: 34 (0) 91 628 24 32
homepage: (under construction)x

MASSIMA-CLASS slow & smart food agency is a new creation agency whose aim is to offer exclusive products in the high-quality food sector. We collaborate and deal with little producers located in natural areas throughout Spain, some of them declared biosphere reserve by the UNESCO. We have focused all our activity in the UE, since it has a long-tradition market in the high-quality food field and it meets the maximum requirements it demands. Eco: We are fully committed to environment. Our interest in the EU scope is no other than that of reducing to a maximum any pollution trace in the whole process, from production to delivering at the point of sale. Products: Iberico cold meats Honey Extra virgin olive oil Our target clients are: Catering services Delicatessen spaces Variety of Ibéricos: Ibérico: ibérico pork feed by means of fodder. Ibérico BELLOTA: : feed by means of acorns in the final stage. Ibérico BELLOTA ECO: feed by means of acorns (3 hectares by animal) and with ecological fodder, 100%. We could say this is the Spanish BELUGA par excellence with an �incomparable bouquet�. Our honey comes from natural areas, some of them declared reserve of the Biosphere by the UNESCO. Ecologic and natural: both natural 100%, the difference is in the producing-harvest process and does not affect its quality. Looking to hearing from you

June 2012


Dates products

contactperson: Hammadi Bessem
adress: avenue el habib bourguiba el mahassen tozeur -
city: 2224 el mahassen
country: Tunisia
phone: +21698435941

Products of dates sirop bio,dates jam and paste of date and naturel baranch date.

June 2012


Earthworm compost

Bioorganic Earthworm Compost SIA
contactperson: Inga Lipsane, Egils Laukmanis
adress: Roguïi, Cçrkste, Smârdes pagasts
city: Engures novads LV-3129
country: Latvia
phone: +371 27700636; +371 29250474

We are looking for partners and customers to sell the earthworm compost (called also biohumus). Earthworm compost is certified for Organic use according to European Union regulations 889/2008 and 834/2007. Biohumus is not only excellent organic fertilizer, but also revitalizer of the plants and the soil. Our earthworm compost is produced using technology VERMIC 3.5.developed in Austria. Raw materials for compost used as food for worms come from clean, unpolluted surroundings, partly from organic certified farmers. Compounds are cattle manure, green grass, mainly lucerne (alfalfa) and straw. Hot (thermopile) composting phase is applied, that eliminates unnecessary seeds and pathogenic bacteria. Biohumus is much more efficient than traditional organic fertilizers. It contains great biodiversity of beneficial micro- organisms owing to millions of earthworms which are taking part in the production process. Usage of biohumus helps to reduce costs in long term and to keep sustainable the soil. Please contact us. You will be very welcomed to visit us in Latvia to see the process.

May 2012


Spanish organic products

Cooperativa ISSO
contactperson: Sebastian Ruiz
adress: c/ Juan Martinez Parras 22
city: Hellin, 02400
country: SPAIN
phone: (+34) 695986581

Hello from Spain! We are certified organic producers by the CAAE, (Spanish association for organic agriculture) who is a member of the European Organic Certified Council (EOCC). Our products are sent to our customers with a label indicating the organic certification. We are not intermediaries. The harvesting process of this season will start beginning of June and we are planning on getting about 400.000 kg of certified organic apricot (Bulida variety). Our harvesting method is 100% traditional. We select them one by one by hand. If you would like to receive more information, please send us an email.

May 2012


Organic cosmetics

Raxters ltd
contactperson: ms Natasa Maggou
adress: Agiou Thoma,industrial area
city: Oinofyta,32011
country: Greece
phone: 0030 211 8008111

Organic Olive Oil Cosmetics Bioesti produces and exports Natural Olive Cosmetics with Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil and organically cultivated herbs and plants Based on ancient Greek holistic recipes, Bioesti offers all-natural olive cosmetics, such as face creams, body lotions, hair shampoos and conditioners, essential oils and soaps. Bioesti uses the finest ingredients from Crete - Greece, like olive leaves extracts and native herbs. Hydrosols , Extracts and Essential oils from Organic cultivated herbs have been used. All products are manufactured according to EU regulations and have been approved from Greek National Organization for Medicines and Cosmetics.

May 2012


Organic products from Spain

Abellan Biofoods
contactperson: Jaime Dols (Comercial Director)
adress: Cruce de El Raal, 61
city: El Raal - 30139 (Murcia)
country: Spain
phone: 0034 968379216

We are a company of Organic Food with more than 12 years old making some products like marmalade and jam with sugar cane or agave syrup, quince jelly, dates filled with chocolate, Salmorejo and Gazpacho, tomato sauce, honey, pollen, juices 100% fruit... We care the manufacturing process and offer you a high quality products get along that 12 years of work.

May 2012


Olive oil

contactperson: Carlos Navasmigueloa
adress: Cortijo El Tobazo
city: Alcaudete, 23660
country: Spain
phone: +34914353463

We produce Soler Romero Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our family owned estate and mill, located in Alcaudte, Jaen (Andalusia). Please visit our website or wirte to us if you need any further information.

April 2012


Organic baby food

Alpha Libra Marketing
contactperson: Aswini Dhyanesh
adress: Nordre Fasanvej,129,2tv
city: Frederiksberg 2000
country: Denmark
phone: (+45) 50 22 03 43

We are multi specialized agency in trade.We have the best 100% organic baby food mixes manufactured in india. We would like to know the market here and f nterested please contact us for samples.

April 2012


Italian organic gourmet food

IGFE Food srl - Bio Organica Nuova
contactperson: Carlo Gaudiano
adress: S.P. 65
city: Cerignola
country: Italia
phone: +39 331 6706038

Our company is specialized in the production of Italian organic gourmet food: mainly table olives, artichokes, tomatoes and other mediterranean preserved products. We established supplier-
partnership with important organic distributor in different countries such as: Germany, Japan, Russia or USA.We look after the entire production cycle as we have: 1.200 h of land cultivated according to the organic farming rules
. 2.Plants both for the first working of the fresh products and for the complete working of the finished products
 3.An oil mill for the production of organic extra
virgin olive oil

April 2012



contactperson: Marcin Gacek
adress: Niepokalanej Panny Marii 103
city: 31-589 Kraków
country: Poland
phone: 0048515405211

Hello ekomaniakow. We are a Polish company operating for over 20 years. We offer a range of products bio.Firma Ania specializes in cookies healthy taste. Baked without fat of the best natural ingredients, without adjuvants, fillers and preservatives. Fixed by baking at high temperature and low water content, are rich in nutritious and wholesome nutrients by adding energy and vitality, they are baked with cereals such as oats, wheat, spelled, with additions goi berries, rice syrup ... We wish you health!

March 2012


Consultant, organic olive oil

contactperson: Ana Cosano
city: Córdoba
country: Spain
phone: +34 957 348 393

We are consultants in international trade and we are looking for companies interested in import Spanish organic olive oil to Denmark.

March 2012


Natural Toothpaste

JackandJillKids Pty Ltd
contactperson: Jonathan Werb
adress: 36 Balfour Grove
city: London
country: United Kingdom
phone: 447543547949

We are launching an range of children's Natural Toothpaste with Organic flavours and calendula. We also produce toothbrushes made from 100% cornstarch which are compostable & biodegradable. Please visit our website and contact us for any further

March 2012


Argentinian fruit

Samfresh Intl.
contactperson: Sofia Fernandez
adress: Coronel Rodriguez 1059
city: Mendoza 5500
country: Argentina

I belong to the firm Samfresh Intl., a company engaged in the marketing of fruit, established in Argentina. I would like to contact organic apples importers. I you are interested, please contact the email address provided with market prices, varieties requiered, packaging, etc.

February 2012


Organic vegetables

Agricultural Exports
contactperson: Stephanie Kelly
adress: 73 Old Dublin Pike, Ste 10 #309
city: Doylestown, PA 18901
country: USA
phone: 215-230-7753

As an exporter from the USA of organic vegetable seeds. We appreciate contact with Danish farms of growers and processors of organic vegetables for the fresh market of Denmark. AGEX brings to our customer partners over 40 years of expertise and professional service in meeting the specific needs such as vegetable organic.

February 2012

Organic citrus and avocados

contactperson: Koutoupis V
adress: Vatolakkos
city: Chania Crete
country: Greece
phone: +306937419822

We are farmers of organic citrus and avocados. From our farms we are producing fresh citrus, orange juice, fresh avocados,extra virgin olive oil and wine vinegar. On demand we can produce avocado paste and avocado oil. All our farms are in North West island of Crete Greece.

February 2012


Cooperation of organic milk/meat

LLC Pan Organic
contactperson: Prikhodko Mikhail
58, Voznesenskaya str.
Korop, Chernigov region
phone: +380504142778

Ukrainian organic producer is looking for european partnership for developing mutual cooperation of organic milk/meat etc. products in Ukraine

February 2012


Organic cereal/grains/rice/flakes

B.M.S. srl
contactperson: Elizabeth F. Bastianelli
Via Sandro Pertini, 103
Spoleto, PG - Umbria
phone: +39.0743.44120

We are looking for importers/distributers for the organic speciality corners that could be interested in our high quality organic cereal/grains/rice/flakes, legumes & seeds from Italian Organic Agriculture packed in 100% biodegradable package. We also offer private label packaging. Our produce in sourced from direct  collaboration with Italian organic farmers. We garante  full traceability

February 2012


Soybean products

Agrawal Oil & Biocheam
contactperson: Himanshu Agrawal
adress: 1307 Sudama Nagar
city: Indore
country: India
phone: 919425901231

We Agrawal Oil and Biocheam (a subsidiary of Shivnandi foods) one of the reputed name in Manufacturing and Trading in Organic And
Conventional food and feed grade Soymeal, Soybean, Soy Lecithin and other by product of oil seed.

Our strength is our past 26 years of vast experience and intensive contract farmings our project is highly appreciated locally and nationwide.

We are certified With One-Cert .

Here we looking for a long and mutually trusted business opportunity,we provide you the best range of Organic/Conventional Soymeal/Soybean/Soy Flour/Soy Lecithin at very competitive prices.On your request we also arrange a sample of our
product to you.

Shipment terms:-CIF/CFR/FOB/C&F
Payment Terms:- LC/CAD/DP.

General Documents we Provide
1) BL
2) Certificate of origin
3) GSP
4) Invoice
5)Phytosanitary Certificate
6) Third party lab Report
7)Organic Certificate along this we provide any other specific documents required by buyer

January 2012


Looking for:
Contact with Danish farmers

133/1.Crescent Road. Dhanmondi
phone: 0088-01715663962

It is our pleasure to introduce our selves from Bangladesh. We would like to established business relation with Danish farmers companies. We are a Trading company dealing Import/Export Business.

January 2012





xx 2012

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